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Royal treatment program

Base Price: $99.00

Additional Systems: $25.00

Duration: Renews every 1 year


15% off every call

Never a service charge

* No after-hours charge

Water heater flush once a year $200 value (For 1 heater)

Free Camera inspection of sewer main from house to street (must have exposed outside clean out that is accessible in front yard, a charge will apply if we need to locate or add one) 

Plumbing inspection: consisting of Check all emergency shut off valves for ease of use and leaks Check all drains that are accessible for leaks and damage Do water hardness and quality test Check tub and shower drains Inspect outside hose bibs for proper function and leaks Inspect main irrigation valve (pressure vacuum breaker) for damage and leaks Inspect main water shut off valve for function and leaks Inspect pressure reducing valve (includes checking water pressure in house to prevent over pressure that can cause valves and pipes to fail causing water damage) Inspect gas connections at water heater, dryer and stove Inspect water heater (includes draining and flushing heater, check water, gas and vent connections, (Drain and flush Only On Heaters Less Then 3 Years Old) Inspect water treatment units for leaks and function

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The Royal Treatment
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