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Common Garbage Disposal Problems

It can be difficult to gauge whether or not your garbage disposal needs to be looked at or completely replaced. It can be dangerous to check the equipment yourself and could lead to even more damage or worse, serious injuries.

Common garbage disposal problems and signs to look out for:

· Your garbage disposal making unusual noise when you use it.

· The device is leaking water or other food debris.

· The device won’t turn on.

· Strong odor from food that’s not properly disposed of starts to fill the kitchen.

· Jammed blades

· Clogged drains

If any of these signs and problems occur in your garbage disposal, it’s time you give us a call at Kingdom Plumbing. We are professionals, licensed, and experienced in handling any and all kinds of garbage disposal problems.

We can determine what the problem is, provide a solution, and make sure you are able to use your garbage disposal by the end of the day. Sometimes, the problem may be as simple as clogged drains, making our drain cleaning services the most ideal repair we can provide. Other times, your unit may need to be completely replaced, and a new one would need to be installed.

If the case is the latter, we can help you pick out the best model and brand that will last for years to come. We will take care of everything, from removing your current garbage disposal to buying a new one, and installing it in your kitchen, all within the very same day we arrive.

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